Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Masculine Birthday Tag

Hi friends, today I wanted to share my work. I made a tag, orders from my sister's friend (for she's boyfriend). So I tried to create a masculine tag. I took the basic white color for the card, brown and blue.

Paper: white, kraft, milimeter block book (all from local paper store) and embosses paper (from friend)
Sentiment: Alphabeth sticker
Other: ZA Penciltic Green, Bazic Scissor-Stamp, Paper Ribbon, a Staples, Double and Foam Tape 

I use a sticker for sentiment because I wanted the texture of the embossing looks. And frankly, I do not have a birthday sentiment stamp for masculine style. So, the sticker is helping me in this regard.  I do not have a die-cut plate, so I cut every corner of the paper embossed to look the shape of a ticket, with a scissors-shaped stamp. And lastly, I replace the ribbon fabric with a ribbon of paper pinned to a tag with staples.

Then for the idea of ​​writing the date in a month is that it feels more personalized tag. My sister's friend can mark on one date, that fits with the birthday date his boyfriend. Is not it also feels more romantic? 

 Oh, I almost forgot. There is a blog giveaway from Cathy A. She was one of the Penny Black and she's very talented designer. Be quick visit to his blog.

 Maybe that's what can I share today. Thank you for stop by and be more creative!

6 komentar:

  1. It does look masculine ... you learned so fast!!!!

  2. I tried hard Mbak Han... Susah membuat kartu untuk laki-laki. :))

  3. Trimakasih Yosh! Senang ada komentar dari cowok.
    Berarti style versi saya sudah lumayan ya...

  4. Ha Mba Iin.. kartu-kartunya cantik deh..
    dulu aku suka bikin kartu, tapi masih pake cara tradisional.. hehe.. blm kenal alat2 yang disebutkan diatas.. :D

  5. Hai mba Vita.
    Trimakasih udah mampir yah...
    Aku pake alat-alat kayak gitu coz gak bisa gambar or nulis bagus mbak.
    Kalau bisa gambar, bagusan juga digambar sendiri. Lebih "artsy" gitu.
    Btw, kenapa gak dicobain lagi bikin kartu?
    Saya juga suka colek2 kain, benang dan jarum loh kalo udah stuck di paper. ^^


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