Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

WOOOHOOO ... My cards sold out!

May has arrived. April passed unnoticed. In April not many works that I can share with you all. There are projects that must be completed and I will tell you about it today.
Some time ago, a friend offered me work together in selling the cards. He has a shop in a mall in Jakarta. And because I'm interested in this cooperation, so I tried to make some cards with 3 different themes, namely: Birthdays, Weddings and births a baby. Each theme, I made a 4 card  with different designs.
12 mini cards with a different touch on each card.  It's an exhausting job. ^^
While making the cards was so tired, but it was all worth the results that I achieved. All my cards were sold out! Wawww .... I was shocked. I do not think my cards accepted by the customer. As all my cards no concept. All are made only by relying on the feelings and spirit of the ups and downs. Perhaps because it is made with love and affection that makes the cards look good. He he he, yes I'm so narcissistic?

And below, some pictures that I took before the cards are sent by parcel post.

Baby Birth Card Series

 Birthday Card Series

  Wedding Card Series

It turned out that hobby could become a promising business. Makes me more convinced that a job done with great love and passion, then not only profits, but also satisfaction. No matter whether you live in the village, like me, or in big cities like Jakarta. Believe it! because I have to prove it.

Thank you for stopping for a moment on my blog
. May we always share with each other and continue working. Happy crafting friends!

Iin Aryanti

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